Friday, June 11, 2010

Laid to Rest...

After ages and ages, I finally got around to laying off another blog I used to write. It is still bouncing around the blogosphere, but I no longer want it displayed on my profile.
I was reading it the other day and was taken aback at the super powerful emotions I had going on every time I did any writing on it. I am also amazed I didn't self-destruct with all that pent up inside.

4 years later, I am so much happier now and so proud to say it. I don't want to delete the other blog because it was such a huge source or outlet for me to get rid of everything I didn't talk about. So while it exists, I am comfortable with it no longer being visible. A friend recently blogged about anger and how it felt. I think that my old blog's job as my punching bag has been done, and done well. Now that all is well, I can bid it farewell, and say Thank you!

Randomness - the sequel

Pretty optimistic aren't I? I have not even done half the things I planned to do on my last list and now I am making another one. Oh joy!

1. Find and Join a kickboxing program in this city I live in.

2. Do an all-girls road trip. Despite the misgivings of assorted fiances and other halves.

3. Write and attempt to get published a novella I have had sitting in my head for the past few years. Bullying might help me get it out.

4. Take a solo holiday before December. It will be my last chance for one. A weekend will do.

5. Set up two of my friends. With each other. Or not. :)

6. Cause a major blow-out for a bitch who deserves it.

7. Take a months sabbatical.

8. Learn to make a dish following the recipe word for word and not giving into my usual penchant to "...find out what happens when we throw a little bit of this in..."

More to come...

OMG! I''m Telekinetic !!!

So there I was, driving to work, like any other day in the week. Late as usual and swearing a blue streak at every idiot who did something stupid to delay me further. I was just pulling away from a signal and this old geriatric decided to be Rossi for the day and swerves right across my lane. I was so angry I could have killed him myself, but just as I shrieked an inarticulate curse at him, his bike just shut off. I mean died completely. Right in the middle of the road. Deciding that the Gods chose today to smile upon me, I grinned smugly to myself and carried on my not-so-merry way.
A bit further on, and another cretin takes it upon himself to hurl his shiny new car right past me, trying to make the signal before everyone else. Dumbass. Again, my curses barely left my lips when BANG! his tire blew. At this point I am looking around warily, because my car is practically soundproof. You can't hear my swearing unless you are in my car, so I decided that whoever was listening to the evil things I was wishing on these fools, was of a different auditory persuasion.
Calming myself down, I was in the home-stretch when an Auto - as all motorists know, are the bane of anyone's existence - drives right across my path, meaning I need to slam on the brakes to avoid killing the wa***r, when CRASH! a huge branch from above, just comes crashing down onto the back of the auto, going right through whatever fabric they use to cover the passengers. Thankfully, there seemed to be no passengers at that point.
It was right about this time when I decided the collective goings-on of that drive to office was enough to spook me, and I ran for the proverbial hills. I got to office, snuck into my desk, as if I was afraid someone would blame me for all of that happening. And then spent an hour in quiet reflection. OMG, what if I really was Telekinetic... I would never have to do much of anything again. With the arrival of my coffee, came reality as well.

Oh well, if those were all just coincidences, then at least I was amused for just that little bit of time. It didn't help that my colleague to whom I told my terrifying tale, laughed like a loon and then asked if I would mind cursing a few people he would point out. Hmph.