Thursday, April 1, 2010

Opinions needed...

For the first time I am asking questions in this post that are not rhetorical. I want answers and I would love if you could send them to me, either as a comment here or by email if you don't want them to be public.
I started to write this story I had floating in my head and then sort of abandoned it 3 paragraphs in, because I didn't like the characters. Not one little bit. Even though I was the one who thought of them. And then I felt indifferent about them. I couldn't care less if they jumped off a cliff I hadn't written about, or killed themselves by hanging, from the barn I hadn't pictured until that thought struck me.
So what I would like is for you to give me a character you want written about. This is solely for my own amusement though. If you could give me a name and a vague profession, or maybe a characteristic that you think someone like that should have. Like a Mr. Larabee who is a kindergarten principal. Maybe he has a twitch or a nervous tic because he truly believes that Calvin (a la Hobbes' Calvin) will be enrolled next year.
Something... Anything.
I just want to write about something again, because my past few posts have been about nothing but annoyance, anger and all out rage. I worry for my mental health and blood pressure, unless I revert to my favorite form of therapy.
Thank you much.