Thursday, March 22, 2012

One to go, Please!

Has anyone else ever felt this little bubble of joy when your favorite coffee-shop calls out your name and hands over your cup of happiness?
You could always drink it right there, but then you have to share your joy with someone you're sitting with, or with the other people in the coffee-shop, or just the world in general. Because when you are sitting there, there is a familiarity involved.
You are both there for the same reason.
The coffee.
That little mug of goodness, that is just waiting to be drunk.

But when you leave, you are a stranger in the big, wide, world outside. Just one among the flotsam and jetsam that inhabit the planet. So your coffee and the joy that comes with it, is all yours!
No sharing. No division. No stealing of your guilty pleasure of a full cream coffee, even though you've promised yourself that you're going to lose those last couple of pounds.

So you take your order. To-Go.
And you savor every single second of it.

This site reminds me why!