Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saga of a Female Driver

I am now officially, that which is feared most, on the parody that is Indian Roads during Rush Hour. I am a female driver. Bwahahahahahhahaaa.
Oh and to make matters worse, I still have my big, red, L board up. I refuse to remove it, as I am convinced that the mere presence of it adds to my "Come near me and I will bash you" on-road image.

On a more serious note, comments telling me that the worst drivers on the road are women, will be dealt with swiftly and fatally. The next time you want to bitch about Bad drivers, how about you just stick to the comment that Idiots are bad drivers - regardless of gender. If you don't agree, then too bad. My Blog - My Rant.

Someone I was speaking to the other day, when discussing my adventures while driving to work, asked me if I was putting these up on my blog, which is when I remembered how long it has been since I blogged. So here we go... expect more updates on my many, many, adventurous, episodes while en route to work every morning. My daily 25 kms commute provides me with much fodder for the blogosphere...

For those of you who have religiously reminded me about updating - Thank you for your patience. You know I love you :D