Friday, October 26, 2007


All boys are stupid... Throw rocks at them!

Thus reads the writing on the t-shirt a good friend was wearing today. I couldn't agree more. I mean really, have you taken a look at any second grader (male) who likes a female classmate? His courting rituals would be enough to fill a book... one on likely emotional trauma maybe. He will pull her hair and pinch her to make her cry every chance he gets. Once she cries, he stands there, laughs at her, and then leaves.

Once these men mature (like they ever do) they turn into emotional wrecking balls who will do the psychological equivalent of pulling your hair... they will date the office bitch. And then of course, the pinch, he will praise her non existent work to your mutual boss. the only difference is he will do all this 30 seconds after he has left you citing the overload of work as his reason for not being able to devote time to a steady relationship.

Now in steps your knight in shining armor. He will dry your eyes and tell you that it is all going to be ok and then he will probably take you out to a romantic dinner and just when you are writing the wedding invitations in his head he mentions that he is so sorry to hear that your son is down with the chicken pox and that is why you look so run down. You exclaim that you don't have a son and an uncomfortable silence follows. A silence in which you wished that magic existed, if only for the satisfaction of being able to hex your former beau so that he is no longer recognizable as a member of the same species. With hydrocephalus maybe.

This was written forever ago and was languishing in my draft box until I decided to resurrect it.

An Exercise in Insanity

Rant, Rave, Kick and scream... That usually sums up my bad moods.. and those are the bad moods not even concerned with pms. (sigh) But still.. isn'nt it quite unexplained to go through these things now and then.. You are in a bad mood and you have no clue why.. it could be the lack of sleep.. or the many pegs of alcohol.. but i am guessing its th former.. the latter only gives you a head ache and ends there.. and then there are dear friends who turn out to be suffering from that most dreaded of diseases "love of mornings" BAH !!! How can anything before noon be tolerable. I mean I do actually wake up and go about daily business in the a.m. but no one says i have to be happy about it...

I live with someone who is a morning person.. and a really nice one too... she is nice because she has recognised me for a not so morning person and refrains from any kind of acknowledgement of existence in th pre-noon session of my day. Very reasonable dont u think ? As for the other people i live with.. Please note that while i only have 2 roomies i suspect one of us is suffering from MPD.. and I am NOT sayin who.. o well..