Monday, March 8, 2010

2012 can't come soon enough

While driving to work this morning, I had this sort of mini-epiphany. You know the Mayans and their calendar, and all the end of the world stuff we have been talking/hearing about?
I think there might be some truth in it... maybe our world deserves to end.
Before you condemn me as a blasphemer, my faith itself makes it hard for me to believe the kind of atrocities we human beings visit upon ourselves.

Can you think of any other living beings, hunting entire species into extinction for their own amusement? Or destroying a whole other culture/civilization, in order to have the best wall hangings?
Where the hell do we get off with this?

Oh yeah, the tigers are the ones polluting our water so much, that fish are dying whole scale. The elephants are the species hunting the dolphins into near extinction. Oh I almost forgot - the killer whales are the ones imprisoning human beings in tanks the size of a coffin.

If animals were not created in small tanks, or barred cages - THEY DON'T FREAKING BELONG THERE, IDIOTS. With the latest in 3 dimensional, imagery technology at our finger tips, we do not need animals kept caged up. The ones who can afford to go out, into the wild to see them, can go. Without disturbing them. The ones who cannot, can just STFU, stay home, and watch Animal Planet or Discovery Channel.

If you venture out into the wild, and a tiger eats you, its not the tiger's fault. It is yours. You piss them off, you DESERVE to be eaten. You hunt them into extinction - you deserve to be shot in the knee, both of them if I have my way, and left to suffer out the rest of your pathetic existence.

Oh, and before anyone gets their "Holier than thou" attitudes out of their closets, and rails at me for being a meat-eater, at least I only eat the meat. I do not kill animals to wear them on my feet, I do not skin baby seals to carry a pretty bag. I do not raise animals and then have them clubbed to death so that my jacket can look better. Take your attitude and stuff it up where the sun don't shine. My preference for food, is not the same as death for vanity.

This frustration has been building for so long, I begin to see where crazed killers get their inspiration from... my only thought is, why the hell can't we pick on someone our own size... an elephant does not have an automatic rifle... a tiger does not have a machine gun... a whale does not have clippers to get itself out of a net.

Animals do not kill other animals for personal gain. They do not rape their children. If an adult in the herd dies, the rest of the herd adopts any orphans left behind. Animals do not hold other animals hostage. Animals do not invade other animals' territories for oil, minerals or precious stones. Animals do not call us animals. Maybe they should.

Who are really the animals here?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Randomness strikes in the middle of the day

I watched that movie again... you know.. the old guys, one of whom dies, but not the one you thinking of...
And it got me thinking.. we all have those things to do that we never get around to.
So I am making my list now. And will probably keep updating it every little while.

1. I want to go skydiving. Not the pansy kind, but something crazy, somewhere in NZ hopefully.

2. Same goes for bungee jumping, parasailing and (dont tell anyone) but BASE jumping. I might be terrified of open heights, but I want to be extremist about getting over it.

3. Disappear. For a week. No cell phones, no email, no FB (although I cant imagine that right now) No contact whatsoever.

4. I want to go to a supermarket and pretend to be a foreign national and speak in gibberish and pretend not to understand a word they are saying.

5. I want to walk across Brooklyn Bridge again. At Sunset. (its not suicidal if you carry mace) but I want to walk it with you.

6. Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice and Rome.

7. Learn another language.

8. Play a practical joke on someone in a public place.

9. Talk all night and watch the sun rise. Either a Beach or a Summit will do.

10. Figure out why it is so hard to write down a bunch of things you want to do.

11. Write and receive a Love Letter. The Pen and Paper kind.

12. Run a Marathon, even a half marathon.

13. Get over my irrational dislike for the Number 13.

14. Someday, update this list.