Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi, my name is Monday.

Hi there, I am Monday.
I have to post this remotely as I am probably more hated than former President Bush. The owner of this blog had "Meh rhymes with Monday" as her status on Facebook a few weeks ago and the number of 'likes' and comments in agreement convinced me to speak out. You guys should actually feel sorry for me you know. Sad, even. I mean really, I am hated simply for existing, for BEING. I did not choose to be the day you had to drag your lazy behinds out of bed, sans the snooze button and head off to the torture offices.
Some days have it easy... like Friday for instance. You have this whole TGIFriday's thingy going on. Like WTH man. Saturdays have it even better... I don't see a Monday Night Fever on now, do you? (I don't WANT to be the worst day of the week. I also do not particularly appreciate the 'Black' prefix or the 'blues' suffix.) And don't even get me started on Sundays. Hmph.
You see, this is the theory you should be taking a look at - Tuesdays are the worst days in the Week. Mondays at least have the memories of a happy weekend, Tuesdays have NOTHING, Wednesdays let you know that you are at least half-way through, Thursdays you can take relief in the fact that the next day is Friday and Friday is...well... Friday. So give me a chance yeah?
"Some days are made horrible and some days have horrible-ness thrust upon them" With that bastardization of someone else's oft stolen quote, I leave you to your hopeful hatred of the next day in the week. Hopefully the smug smile will be wiped off his face this year when we are at the Calendar printer's.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boo! Guess who?

(dodges rotten tomatoes being thrown)
I am back again... after a long long long hiatus from a hiatus...
I have seen quite a few changes in the past few weeks and now that the dregs have settled, the itch to write something is back again... but what to write.. what to write... hmmmmmm...
I was reading through my previous posts and the underlying theme... ok so maybe its not so underlying after all... seems to be my sarcastic view of a situation, people, etc. but then I realized that this is why I blog.
Here, cloaked in complete anonymity, is my private little rant space for all those imbeciles who cross my path, and the best part is I get to share this with you, so you too can read and enjoy my little, albeit infrequent, anecdotes about the group of people who have the collective IQ of a goldfish (I hereby shamelessly steal this priceless quote from a friend and promise to parrot it everytime I think the situation warrants it)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quitters are Winners too...

Everyone has heard/quote the too often heard/quoted "Quitters Never Win" but I beg to differ at this point.
I quit. A while ago.
Smoking that is, and honestly, I have never felt like a bigger winner.
I was never a chronic member of that club anyway. Just a social one with a few on the side at times. I admit this is why it could have been easy for me. But that is not what this post is about. This is about the hypocrites who quit smoking and then get sanctimonious enough to throw their "holier than thou" attitude around. If someone who has never smoked in their life, attempts to tell you that its bad for you, you owe them a listen at least, because they probably have your best interests at heart. But when someone who supported a pack a day habit, FINALLY quits and then attempts to nag you to do so too, it completely justifies your desire to bash them over the head with something breakable.
Do NOT attempt to tell me its bad for me. I know, and so did you. Do NOT convince me that I am killing myself. Again, I am aware of how bad it is for me. YOU used to smoke triple the number I did and now that you have survived 2 weeks without it, it does not make you a damned expert on quitting.
When I quit, I did it without the fanfare and drama you caused. I did not claim imminent death if deprived of nicotine for another second. You could attribute that to the fact that you were more used to it than I was, but you had cut down so much before you attempted to quit, that it makes no difference really. So stopping your preaching would be much appreciated. Your phone calls about how quitting has changed your life does nothing but annoy other people (gasp in shock) Yeah I am not the only one you annoy with this, Natalie called me.
End of story.
When you decide something is bad for you or not working and you give it up, go ahead. You are welcome to give your friends your opinion, but keep nagging them to stop doing something that you were doing a week ago, and somebody gonna get a hurt real bad. Hypocrites do not get that much love. So hah to you, and while we are still friends, I would just like to remind you that you are smoking again. Way to stick to your decisions, real mature like. Now we all know how you stick to the choices you make in life as well. Get over yourself. You are not the poster-child for the rest of us. Neither am I, but I never claimed to be.

The Bug Bites Again

A friend pointed out a few days ago that my last post up here was almost a year ago. That resulted in my looking expectantly at my screen for a while, assuming that this page was going to just fill up.
Well, this is where the ultimate dilemma strikes me. What to write about? I mean I can talk for hours and hours (and have multiple friends attest to that) but I need to feel to be able to write. So I thought, and then I realized that my problem lay in the fact that I had so much to say/write about, that I had no clue where to start.
I went off writing for a while due to a few circumstances that left me feeling like I needed a break from the kind of emotions that writing leaves me with. But now that all is well and happy in my world again, the bug has bitten and I have gone back to my little notepad and pencil.
Look out for more in a little while.
(You know who this message is for :) )