Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This one’s for the girls…

Again, its music that is making me put pen to paper. Yes, strange as it may seem, I still write the old fashioned way before I type it in and post it up here. I was listening to Martina McBride’s “This one’s for the girls” and I realized something I have always known but never paid attention to… we need best friends. They may not know what your schedule for the day is and inadvertently call you during a meeting, or they may forget that you had this presentation the next day and wake you up just as you were falling asleep with a tidbit about how their day went.
However, they will never forget your birthday, your favorite color, what kind of ice-cream to bring with them when they come over to cry over a teary movie or a relationship gone wrong. And make no mistake, when you have to cry, they will cry right with you, letting you know all along that you are never alone, even if you might feel you are.
When you lose someone, when you need a shoulder to cry on and your significant other is snoring in blissful ignorance, when you need a hug to get rid of the day from hell… they are there, with a smile, a hug and just good fuzzy feelings that make you feel better no matter what.
These are the people that make life prettier.
I have grown up with boys as my closest friends my whole life, but they never penetrated my inner circle. We were the five who stuck together and high school was our best time ever. While other friends we knew were choosing boys over their friends and losing out on childhood best buddies, we grew closer. Boys made us cry and we turned to each other for solace, teachers drove us insane and we had each other for company, life got harder and we knew the other four were just a text message away. We were inseparable, in spirit anyway. Nothing could keep us apart then and nothing is going to now, except for visas and very expensive flight tickets anyway.
Yes, we are finally scattered across the globe, but I have said it before and I will say it again, thank God for the internet. We have chat, social networking and email threads to keep us in touch.
Since I moved out on my own I have made new friends and we have bonded over a lot of madness and sobriety that I will never forget or change, for the world. But nothing will change what we have or what we had. I love you guys.
This one’s for the girls!